Using Oi Tampons

How to remove a Tampon

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When should I change it?

We recommend changing your tampon 3–6 times a day (every 4 hours, and never longer than 8 hours ). We don’t recommend using a tampon overnight. Use the lowest absorbency needed to suit your flow.

How do I take it out?

Relax and gently pull the removal cord. Can’t find the cord? It’s usually easiest for your fingers to reach it in a squatting position. Remember to remove the last tampon before inserting another and make sure you remove the last tampon at the end of your period.

Should I flush?

Oi tampons are biodegradable – perfect if you have access to composting facilities or biodegradable collection. If not, wrap it in a piece of toilet paper and put it in your waste bin. Please don’t flush tampons down the toilet.

Using Applicator Tampons

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How do I insert an applicator tampon?

Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before and after you insert or remove a tampon. Unwrap the tampon. Twist the applicator to unlock it. Sit or stand in a comfortable position – try squatting, or stand with one foot on the toilet seat. Hold the applicator between your thumb and index finger where the smaller inner tube goes into the larger outer tube. Make sure the string is visible and pointing away from your body. With your other hand gently push the applicator into the vagina, aiming for the small of your back. Stop when your fingers touch your body, and the outer tube of the applicator is completely in. Use your index finger to push the inner tube into the outer tube, before gently removing the applicator. The removal cord should hang outside your vagina. 

Using Non-Applicator Tampons

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How do I insert a non-applicator tampon?

Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before and after you insert or remove a tampon. Remove the coloured tear tape and wrapper. Carefully pull the removal cord out of the ‘flat’ end, and tug gently to make sure it’s attached – if it feels loose or comes off, grab a new tampon. Hold the tampon at the flat end and insert it with your finger into your vagina as far as possible – it’s easiest if you’re relaxed – until you can’t feel it inside. If you can still feel it, gently insert it deeper. The removal cord should hang outside your vagina.