Uno Magazine - Break the cycle

Uno Magazine - Break the cycle

"New Zealand period products maker Organic Initiative (Oi) has introduced an addition to their sustainable lineup of period care products - a Reusable Bikini Brief made with certified organic cotton. The new bikini brief is part of Oi's mission to empower individuals in their menstruation journey to choose products that are better for them and the environment.

Crafted with an outer layer of organic cotton, the Reusable Bikini Brief by Oi ensures breathability and non-irritant comfort throughout the wear. With four layers of absorbent protection and an extended absorbent gusset for an extra layer of reliability, the new underwear is ideal for people with active lifestyles.

The bikini brief will absorb around the equivalent of three regular tampons. Packed in a home-compostable bag, the cotton brief minimises packaging waste.

Committed to reducing the ecological footprint associated with period products, Oi says the design of the brief underscores the company's dedication to improving sustainable practices. Their eco-conscious approach allows the fabric to biodegrade naturally at the end of its life cycle."

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