Better for Me

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Our 100% pure certified organic cotton
pads, panty liners and tampons
are naturally absorbent, safe, comfortable and 
hypoallergenic to provide comfort
and protection you can trust.

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Better for My World

Oi Story

Oi is a New Zealand company
led by a team of passionate,
holistic women who aim to
make big changes.

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Oi availability at Walmart a big plus for women and the environment - Mar 13, 2019 Organic Initiative (Oi) is delighted to announce that its 100% certified organic cotton feminine hygiene products will now be available in most... Read post

Oi’s new campaign - Oct 19, 2018 "#Changeyourworldthismonth" has been launched in New Zealand from mid-October 2018. Read post

Red shed has chosen green! - Oct 12, 2018 Oi is excited to announce that the red shed has chosen green! You can now find Oi nationally at The Warehouse. Read post

Today Oi celebrates three years - Oct 6, 2018 Today Oi celebrates three years in market and since then kiwi women have collectively removed 10.7 million synthetic tampons and pads from their... Read post

The Oi Vision

Oi revolutionaries aim to empower people everywhere to make great choices about our health and the health of our world.

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At Oi we pride ourselves on giving you all the information you need to make informed choices about what you put into your body. Find out all the info you may need in our Questions & Answers section.

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