Dr Emma Parry Specialist obstetrician and Gynaecologist (MBBS,MD,FRANZCOG,CMFM)

"Thanks for a really great product and great customer service. I was amazed when the products arrived the very next day, even to a rural address! The liners are excellent; they stay put, are comfortable, and do their job well. I have been disappointed by a competitor's similar product. Thanks."


I just had to write and tell you how amazing your products are. I've wanted to switch to organic sanitary products for years  but I was always put off having to buy online/pay for postage/be ultra organised etc. However, my local New World started stocking your products. I started by trying the tampons, they were fab and did the job beautifully :) I then tried the pads and was blown away at how comfortable they were. Love the wings and they are so soft and again they do the job brilliantly. Anyway, just wanted to say Well Done!! I'll be passing them onto my daughter too. I'm thrilled that she'll have access to this fabulous organic product. Thank you!

Sarah Hawkes Bay

I am such a fan of Oi. So far as I can tell, you are LITERALLY THE ONLY PEOPLE PRODUCING ECO-FRIENDLY, ORGANIC MENSTRUATION PRODUCTS. AND YOU'RE DOING IT BLOODY (haha again) WELL. Let's go through it all:

1. Your boxes are adorable. They're lovely. The colour scheme: gorgeous. And they're not splattered with butterflies and pink, which is utterly refreshing. Props to whoever designed them. The font is GOALS.

2. Your name is Oi. I LOVE it. It's exactly what I want to yell out to people who won't talk about periods. I'm sick of being ashamed of something I've zero control over.

3. They're comfortable. Boy oh BOY are they comfortable.

4. They don't slop about - they actually STICK to my undies. Again, refreshing.

5. They're pure, they're safe, they're organic - THEY'RE BIODEGRADABLE! Literally everything, from the box to the wrappers to the pads themselves will break down or can be recycled and that is just the BEST THING. e v e r. For the first time in my life, I'm having periods without feeling guilty. For the first time in my life, when I'm menstruating, all I have to worry about are the sugar cravings and occasional gut-stabby pains: I'm not visualizing my pads contributing to rubbish heaps anymore.

But thanks to initiatives like Oi, I've got a) hope b) optimism c) a guilt-free week of vagina bleeding. You're fantastic. I love everything that you're doing and I am so very very grateful. You've got a loyal customer on your hands, and I'll be bugging all my friends to buy your stuff like crazy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cerys Christchurch

I am writing to say THANK YOU! Thank you for creating an amazing affordable organic product! For years I have had issues with other brands of tampons, irritation and other lovely problems which I won't go into haha but a few weeks ago I decided to try your brand of tampons and I am beyond happy that I did! For the first time in years I have actually had no problems at all! No irritation no discomfort and even my cramps have been significantly improved! So once again thank you :)

Melissa - Ashburton

"At 37 years old I have been battling with my cycle for years. Having had a blood clot in the past I am prevented from using the ordinary pill meaning that my 21 day cycle (yup 21) is erratic as anything. As it is so erratic I frequently employ the use of liners etc which while effective for the obvious reasons sadly would further aggravate the thrush I seemed to get in conjunction with my time of the month, which would then worsen with the use of other sanitary products.

With many doctors visits under my belt I was getting rather resigned to the occurrence and the use of pharmacy medicines to mitigate this. You can therefore imagine my delight to find that using "Oi" resulted in a cycle with no troubles of that kind, at all!! Many things make me dance for joy but I honestly have to say that this is probably one of the biggest ever.

I would just like to say a huge thank you for being at the show, and more importantly for this product as well. Such a seemingly small thing but with such a huge impact!! I absolutely love it!! Thank you!!!"


"I love using Oi organic cotton feminine hygiene products, I feel so much happier knowing that I am looking after my body and making healthy choices, its also great to know that the products I use are not harming our beautiful oceans. It makes me happy that I am making a good choice."

Bridget - Queenstown.

"I was very impressed to see these natural products in NZ stores and very reasonably priced. I have usually 'stockpiled' cotton products whilst on a trip to Australia. Now I can purchase locally and recommend them to family and friends."

Trish - Central Waikato.

"The Oi tampon was as good as any other tampon but great to know it's as safe and non-toxic as possible, and the panty liner was very comfy, like cotton undies."

Amber - Melbourne.

I’ve been using the plugs for couple days now, I don't normally get period cramps but have experienced some with tampons and so far with yours nothing, no discomfort at all. So I’m giving you the thumbs up and will be buying them at supermarket next time round for sure!

Verity - Auckland

I made a recent online purchase and was really impressed with the quality and the price - also I like the option to give a packet to the RAW programme - keep up the good work team Oi.

Meg - Auckland

Nevermind how THEY feel, the way YOU feel when you buy and then use these babies is truly awesome. They’ve dotted my painful, grumpy and resentful time in the month with regular little mood boosts;  unwrap your pad - (wrapped in bioplastic of course!) and get a buzz at the way you’re not contributing to the world’s waste problem. Pop in a tampon, which seems waaay more comfy going in by the way - and bathe in the good vibes knowing you’re treating your body only to the best…. and for almost the same price?!?  Yep, just pinched myself.  As for performance:  The pads and liners are cotton and feel like cotton, so things stay fresh and cool.  You’ll need a little adjusting to the bright redness, as most conventional pads tend to lock away the colour with super-absorbent chemicals, and I found I had to change things slightly more regularly on my heavier days, but I’ve always been a bit lazy and this, I hear, is a good thing.

Bryony - Auckland

Thank you Oi for giving me a better safer healthier choice. I was so pleased to see Oi products on the shelf at my supermarket. They are affordable and organic and I know they are perfect for my needs because they are also biodegradable which is such a bonus. Oi products are so comfortable, so they tick all my boxes!

Coralie - Hamilton

Thank you so much. I will be changing to your products now. I have tried the sample pack and I am incredibly impressed. Also the fact that they are better for me and the environment is just an added bonus! 

Rosemary - Christchurch