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Begin this journey with us, we believe women are the matriarchs and have the power to make enormous positive changes within their families and our communities. Join us and help change our world and make a difference. Education changes everything and through education women are empowered to build a future for themselves and their families.

We all want to be able to say "I made a difference, I changed a life" because girls with dreams become women with vision.

DignityOi is thrilled to be partnering with and supporting the incredible RAW incubator programme designed to change the lives of socially disadvantaged women in New Zealand. We measure our success on the positive impact we have on people and on the world. As revolutionaries we aim to empower people everywhere to make healthy choices for themselves and for their world.

Our vision is to inspire positive change by transcending social and cultural barriers. As a company we have implemented a wonderful opportunity for you to support the RAW initiative by providing much needed feminine hygiene products to women in the RAW programme and to women in prison.

Buy a box, give a box.

Purchase a box of any Oi product and tick 'give a box' on the checkout page, $5.99 will be added to your order and Oi will dispatch products to the RAW programme. We appreciate your support. Girls with dreams become women with vision.

For every box donated to the RAW programme, Oi will match it box for box.

Together we can make a difference, together we can change the world!

"RAW is the angel on their shoulder . . . . giving choice where there was none. RAW gives lifelong tiered support through educational pathways for women from socially excluded demographics. RAW focuses on mums and becomes the 'navigator' that the ‘More Effective Social Services Report’ recommends the government adopt. It works at an individual level to understand the needs and the services  (education, health, living) required to help each woman to reshape their lives"Annah Stretton

"Within almost every one of the so called criminal families there is the matriarch and it is she that has the potential to ensure the generations of children yet to be born within the family are offered a destiny that is different to those that have gone before. The women who come to prison are those matriarchs, and in many cases are raising the criminals of the next generation. If we can accept that fact, and find the courage and conviction to work alongside them in that reality, rather than condemning them for it, I believe we will make a significant difference". Celia Lashlie