Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility & Initiatives

Our Values

We base all significant policies and procedures on human rights as set out by the United Nations declaration of human rights. This extends to everyone, our customers, suppliers, employees, our communities and shareholders.

People Policy

Our commitment to human rights extends to our entire supply chain.

We listen to our customers and only make products that will have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

We honour diversity, and support a flexible working environment, we promote personal and professional development.

We believe in charity and donate to important environmental initiatives, we also donate tampons and pads to women in prison and to low decile schools in New Zealand.

Product Policy

We work hard to ensure the purity and authenticity of all our products. We promise that we will never use any chemicals or synthetics in any of our products, they will always be reliable, safe and pure.

Our products respect your body and the environment, they are created from a strict ingredient policy, we are committed to education and integrity and we will continue to be activists for change.

We create products that delight our customers and exceed their expectations giving them peace of mind. We will continue to launch new products that meet our high standards and find solutions to problems, for your health and for the environment

Oi is an environmentally responsible company, we source only certified organic materials, we will never use genetically modified ingredients.

Environmental Policy

Oi is committed to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We have strict environmental policies in place and are dedicated to the environment and to preserving and looking after our planets natural resources.

We endeavour to reduce, recycle and reuse in all aspects of our business.

We reduce waste, unnecessary packaging, and reduce our energy use wherever possible.

We adhere to a sustainable cotton policy, we insure that some of our donations support environmental initiatives

All office paper is reused where possible and then recycled

We use recycled paper and card wherever possible and most of our packaging is biodegradable

Our plastic is bioplastic which is biodegradable.

We care for all people

We are delighted to work with the Elevator Group who have packed our samples.