Oct 8, 2015

Certified Organic Cotton Hygienic Necessities

AUCKLAND: Organic Initiative (Oi), an exciting new New Zealand company announced today, is on a mission for the good – the good of women and the good of our world. Its products (starting with 100% organic cotton women’s sanitary tampons, pads and liners) are designed, priced and available for the mass market.

Co-founder and Executive Director, Helen Robinson believes all women should have choice about what they use, “Women deserve only the best, yet affordable, sanitary necessities.” Helen goes on to say, “It is critical that every woman can buy safe, 100% organic cotton (not synthetic) products at a reasonable price, from their local supermarket.”

Led and governed by an impressive team of top NZ business women, Oi is transforming the hygiene commodity market to use single ingredient, organic cotton which is better for our health and great for our environment. Oi is the only non-food product to carry the BioGro certification, NZ’s leading voice in organics.

Uniquely Oi lists the ingredients in its products (which is easy, there’s only one); there is no regulation requiring suppliers of women’s sanitary products to detail ingredients on their boxes. Oi’s tampons, ultra-thin pads and panty liners will be available in primary supermarkets from w/c 12 October 2015. Women, on average, use around 240 tampons a year, times this by the 1.4 million menstruating women in New Zealand and the wastage of conventional products, if laid flat, stretches further than the length of the country.

Better for you

Oi pads, panty liners and tampons are free from viscose, rayon, chlorine, dioxin, wood pulp, pesticides, plastic, perfume and unnatural super absorbent materials. Experts in women’s health recommend organic cotton over super absorbent synthetic alternatives.

Better for the environment

Oi products naturally biodegrade in 5 years, while synthetics take about 500 years or more. By choosing Oi customers can personally contribute to reducing long-term waste and their environmental footprint.

Inaugural Women of the Year (Next Magazine 2010), Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Emma Parry has joined the Oi Revolution as a board member and profoundly believes in what Oi wants to achieve. “Using Oi products ensures that one of the most delicate and absorbent areas of your body is protected from chemicals and synthetics.”

Oi’s birth mother, Executive Director Bridget Healy is a passionate believer in utilising business as a force for good. “The concept has always been innovative but it needed commercialisation, which is often the most difficult transition to accomplish. This requires specialist skill-sets and industry knowledge, which is where Helen’s expertise came to the fore. Together we applied our respective experiences and business knowledge to establish a heart-centred, inspirational and ethical business model. It’s a beautiful thing to finally see my vision becoming a reality.”

Each person who chooses Oi makes a difference in their lives and for their communities; a small change for a big difference.

Provocative branding and extensive nationwide campaigning is in place to help launch Oi.

The Oi team invite all NZ women to join the revolution, or all main social media networks: #jOintherevolution to help #detoxthebox.

The Facts

  • Women use around 240 tampons per year, times this by the 1.4 million women in New Zealand and the wastage if laid flat amounts to over the length of New Zealand
  • Most pads are made from over 90% crude oil plastics, the same ingredient as the petrol in your car
  • Every year, billions of plastic laden menstrual pads and tampons are found littering our beaches and oceans. These plastics tangle marine animals, killing or injuring them by suffocation, strangulation or drowning
  • Menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) has been linked to the use of super-absorbents and synthetics found in conventional tampons, which can lead to devastating consequences
  • Current supermarket choices will still be around during the lifetime of your great-great-greatgrandchildren
  • The cotton used in most non-organic tampons has been treated with harsh carcinogenic pesticides, which run the risk of being absorbed into your body when used is the equivalent to three times the height of the sky tower
  • Synthetic tampons are made from manmade materials such as rayon and viscose, which can fall away when removed after use leaving fibres embedded in your body. This is often the reason for vaginal irritation
  • Conventional pads are made of synthetics, which include plastics such as polythene, polypropylene and polyacrylate super absorbent gel, surfactants and chlorine-bleached wood pulp - as well as fragrance and colours
  • "Natural" cotton commonly refers to the fact there are no synthetics and plastics added to the natural fibre after the plant is harvested. However this does not mean that the cotton is chemical free. Non-organic cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world, using more than 25% of the world’s total insecticides

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The Product

What’s in the Oi range?

  • Organic Cotton Tampons (non applicator) Mini, Regular and Super
  • Organic Cotton Tampons with biodegradable Applicator – Regular and Super
  • Pads - Ultra-thin with wings - Regular and Super
  • Liners - Ultra-thin for everyday use

Where are Oi products made?

Oi is a New Zealand owned company. Our products are made in the European Union and adhere to the strict guidelines set out by GOTS (Global organic textile standard), BioGro (New Zealand’s leading voice in Organics) and the FDA (Food and drug administration) from farm to you. Our cotton comes from a range of GOTS certified farms including the USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

Oi products are:

  • Made from 100% pure certified organic cotton
  • Hypoallergenic and clinically tested to reduce the risks of irritation and allergy
  • Biodegradable cardboard applicator with rounded end tip for a comfortable and soft insertion
  • Individually wrapped with biodegradable bioplastic for hygiene, convenience and environmental responsibility
  • No perfume, dyes, or super absorbents
  • No synthetics, viscose and rayon free
  • Chemical free, no chlorine or dioxin
  • Recommended by gynaecologists, midwives and obstetricians
  • Pads with wings for extra protection
  • Ultra-thin, designed to be more discreet and comfortable
  • 100% cellulose pulp free
  • Ultra soft, comfortable, breathable, reliable and high performance
  • Reliable protection and peace of mind. Using Oi products ensures that one of the most delicate and absorbent areas of your body is protected from chemicals and synthetics by using only the finest organic cotton
  • Environmentally friendly, total transparency, ethical, socially responsible and biodegradable

For more information contact:

Bryony Hampton
Communications | Oi
Director | KIKI
[email protected]
+64 211 99 75 75