Organic Initiative Women

Ely Stuart, Designer & Jewellery Maker

Shine Design, Queenstown

Ely Stuart has had a lifelong interest in love and design. Two years ago, she discovered an outlet for her passion through crystals and stones sourced from around the world. Each piece of work is lovingly hand crafted and influenced by her environment, mood, emotion and seasonality.

As our first Oi Woman, we asked Ely to answer 5 questions for us, from her heart:

Tell us what you’re passionate about?

I feel passionate about where I live. Queenstown stimulates me spiritually and creatively – from the travellers that visit, bringing with them culture and style to the strength and power of the mountains that surround us. I feel blessed to have the best of both worlds.

How do you look after and nurture yourself?

For me to 'nurture myself' means doing things that bring me pleasure. If it’s going for a wander in the hills, listening to music and drawing or even just sitting at home with a glass of wine and searching through the ever inspiring world of pinterest. Taking time to do the things I enjoy, has always been essential for my creative growth.

What does womanhood, femininity, vitality, health/wellness look like to you?

Womanhood to me, as I’ve learnt over the years, is that it is so important to have your crew of girls, women in your family or just that one good friend you know you can always rely on to make you laugh when times are a little crazy. But more importantly to be sure that we empower one another. Helping to encourage and support each other to do well in this life, from anything from child birth, writing a CV, growing your business and even sharing the best makeup tips. I feel lucky to walk this earth as a woman, knowing I have my girls around me.

What do you love about yourself?

I found this question tricky to answer, because I actually have never really thought about it much before. 'What do I love about myself" – well, off the bat physically I would say my hair (thanks Mum! That’s genetics for you, I guess). Getting a little deeper, perhaps I will say that the older I get, and the more I learn and discover what I'm capable of, I love myself whole heartedly.

Tell us what you stand for, what is your personal revolution?

My personal revolution is to make a small dent into the world by spreading what is my personal creative expression through my jewellery, sharing the joy of colour and good energy from what stones and crystals have to offer. Helping to enhance a mood, neckline and just maybe a wrist or two.